Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos, Presidencia de la Nación.


The National Directorate for Personal Data Protection -PDP- is the Argentina Data Protection Authority for the effective protection of personal data, and as such, is in charge of the National Databases Register, created by the National Data Protection Act to know and control those who process personal data. Thus, the PDP advises and assists personal data subjects, receives complaints and claims against data controllers for the violation of the rights of information, access, rectification, update, suppression or confidentiality as regards data processing.

To that effect, the PDP has the mission to investigate whether the reported databases comply with the principles of law and statutory provisions. 

The PDP shall inform you about:

1. The existence of a certain database.
2. The purposes for which data is collected.
3. The name and address of the data controller.

What to do in the event of a violation of your rights?

In case a database does not comply with the requirements set by law as regards personal data protection, the data subject shall have the following options:

Report the matter to the PDP

In case the reported matter is verified, the PDP may apply sanctions to the controller and the processor (Act N°25.326, Section 31).

It must be highlighted that the complaints made to the PDP are to the sole purpose of revealing any deficiencies or infringements to the applicable law as regards personal data processing.

Reporting the matter will allow the PDP as the data protection authority to verify the compliance of the rights granted by law. 

Habeas Data Action (Act N°25.326, Chapter VII)

This action may proceed to get acquainted with the personal data stored in public or private databases, as well as the purposes thereof. In case falsehood, inaccuracy or outdating of the relevant information is presumed, the data subject will have the right to demand the suppression, rectification, confidentiality or updating of its personal data.(Section 33)

International Acknowledgement

Argentina: a country with adequate level of protection for personal data

In 2003, the European Union adopted a decision positioning Argentina as a country with adequate level of protection for personal data, in compliance with the terms of the Directive 95/46/EC.

See European Comission's decission C(2003) 1731.

Recognition effects

Such declaration implies that restrictions for the transfer of personal data shall not be applied to Argentina, allowing the free flow of data with the European Union. This recognition is subject to permanent supervision, so it can be reviewed anytime according to its performance, or potential changes in the Argentine regulations or its application or interpretation.

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