Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos, Presidencia de la Nación.


In Argentina protection of personal data is guaranteed by the Habeas Data action incorporated to our Constitution in Section 43, 3rd. paragraph within the constitutional reform of 1994.

Thereafter, Personal Data Protection Act N° 25.326 was enacted, regulating the applicable principles and the Habeas Data procedure when federal jurisdiction applies.

This Act was regulated by Decree 1558/01, amended by Decree 1160/10.

The applicable regulatory plexus includes the provisions issued by the PDP, as the data protection authority established by Act N° 25.326.

Likewise, Act N°26.951 was enacted in 2014, establishing the National "Do Not Call" Register, by which any individual or legal entity not wishing to be contacted by people or companies involved in advertising, offering, selling or giving unsolicited goods or services can register. This provision is regulated by Decree 2501/14, including the provisions issued by the PDP as the data protection authority of Act N°25.326 (Act N°26.951, Section 9).


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