Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos, Presidencia de la Nación.


The democratic and republican principle of disclosure of public acts requires that documentation from State entities  be accessible by all citizens.

Providing access to the PDP's actions also constitutes an act of transparency.

We consider that the publication of the PDP's opinions will be of great interest to the community and will facilitate the understanding of the PDP's interpretation of norms and provisions.

This measure is in accordance with the principles set forward by the government in Decree Nº 1.172/03 (Access to Public Information).

Opinions are published in chronological order by year of issue.

Dissociation methods have been applied in most of the opinions in order to protect the personal data of the persons involved as well as the information contained therein which upon disclosure could reveal financial, scientific or professional rights or third parties interests.

See Disposition DNPDP Nº 8/06 (in Spanish)


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