Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos, Presidencia de la Nación.


According to Act N° 25.326, Section 29, Subsection b) the PDP has the power to dictate rules and regulations to be observed in the development of the activities covered by that Act.

On the other hand, Decree N° 1558/01, Section 29, Subsection 5 a) states that the PDP has the function to dictate administrative and procedural rules for the registration proceedings and other functions of the authority, and any other technical rules and procedures related to the treatment and security of public and private databases.

Likewise, Decree N° 2501/2014, Section 2, regulating Act N° 26.951, empowers the PDP to dictate the complementary and procedure rules for the proper implementation of Act N° 26.951 and the regulation approved by Decree N° 2501/2014.

In this context, provisions have been issued on several matters of interest for the proper protection of personal data.

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